"From Dental Hygiene to Motherhood and small business owner: My Personal Journey" 💫

"From Dental Hygiene to Motherhood and small business owner: My Personal Journey" 💫

🌟 Life has a funny way of leading us down unexpected paths, and my journey has been no exception. I'm not an academic, but I hold a degree in dental hygiene and therapy. However, my career took a backseat as I fell out of love with it, and life threw me some difficult challenges, including the loss of my best friend and multiple miscarriages. These experiences inspired me to create my own brand and go full-time into Juniper & Nelles, all while balancing the roles of being a wife and mother to a precious little girl. This is my story of personal growth, resilience, and pursuing my dreams. 🌱

Falling Out of Love with Dental Hygiene 🦷 I began my career journey with a degree in dental hygiene and therapy, hoping to make a difference in people's oral health. While I initially enjoyed it, I eventually realized that my passion was fading. The daily routine and stress were taking a toll on me. I knew I needed a change, but I wasn't sure what the future held. 😔

Facing Heartbreak and Loss 💔 Life had more challenges in store for me. I experienced the devastating loss of my best friend, which left a profound void in my heart. This loss was followed by multiple miscarriages, each one a painful and emotional rollercoaster. These experiences were emotionally draining, but they also sparked a new perspective on life. I began to appreciate the importance of resilience and the fragility of our existence. 🌦️

Finding Inspiration in Adversity 🌈 Despite the heartbreak and emotional turmoil, I found inspiration in these difficult times. I realised that life is too short to be spent on a career that didn't fulfill me. I yearned for a change, something that would allow me to channel my emotions and experiences into a new path. This inspiration laid the foundation for my brand and my entrepreneurial journey. 💪

Pursuing Juniper & Belles 🚀 Armed with determination and a vision, I decided to step into the world of entrepreneurship. I channeled my experiences and emotions into creating a brand that would resonate with others. The process was not easy, but my newfound passion and resilience kept me going. 🛍️

Balancing Family Life 👪 I'm not just an entrepreneur; I'm also a wife and mother to a little girl. Balancing these roles has been one of the most rewarding yet challenging aspects of my journey. Juggling the demands of motherhood and entrepreneurship has taught me time management, prioritization, and the importance of self-care. ⏰

Embracing My Journey 🌠 My journey from dental hygiene to full time business owner has been a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences. While my path may not be traditional or academic, it is uniquely mine. I've learned that adversity can be a powerful source of inspiration, and it's possible to transform challenging experiences into a source of strength and motivation. Through it all, I've become a stronger, more resilient, and passionate individual, driven by the memory of my best friend and the love I have for my family. This is my story, and I'm excited to see where the future takes me, knowing that I'm living life on my terms. 🌟🚀💖