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✌🏼 Snarky Vibes : 'Have the day our deserve" Statement Sweater

✌🏼 Snarky Vibes : 'Have the day our deserve" Statement Sweater

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🔥 Unleash your inner rebel with our 'Have the Day You Deserve' embroidered sweater - a punky, no-nonsense statement piece for those who dare to defy the mundane.

👊 Embrace the sarcasm and wear your attitude on your sleeve - literally! This sweater isn't just a garment; it's a manifesto, a cheeky reminder to seize the day on your terms.

💀 Flaunt your individuality while staying cozy and stylish. Crafted with premium materials and rebellious vibes, it's perfect for those who prefer a touch of sass in their wardrobe.

💥 Whether you're defying conventions or just feeling a little punk, this sweater is your go-to choice to make a statement without saying a word. Wear it loud, wear it proud, and have the day you truly deserve!

🧵 Embroidery area measures - 175x142mm 

🌈 20 great sweater colour choices and 40 thread choices - the possibilities are endless!

📸 stock photos are dusty green and dusty lilac

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